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Reel Dinosaur Set

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Take a trip through history with this prehistoric gang! An eclectic mix of characterful wooden dinosaur toys. Sized suitably for small children's hands, these terrible lizards are sure to catch the attention of any dino fanatic! Be sure to check out each Reel Dinosaur's description to find out more about them.

The set includes 13 Dinosaurs:

  • Lillian the Allosaurus¬†
  • Esther the Ankylosaurus¬†
  • Susan¬†the Anzu
  • Scott the Brontosaurus¬†
  • Geoff the Dimetrodon¬†
  • Jordan the Parasaurolophus¬†
  • Fenton the Protoceratops¬†
  • Ptilly the Pterodactyl
  • Beryl the Spinosaurus¬†
  • Matthew the Stegosaurus¬†
  • Doris the Triceratops¬†
  • Elton the Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Pete OR Jolene the Velociraptor (picked at random)

 CE and UKCA Tested.

Not suitable for children under 3 years.

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