About Us

Reel Wood

Who are Reel Wood?

Well, here we are to tell you a little bit about us and our business. 

Reel Wood was born from darkness and heartbreak. In 2018 we sadly lost our 3 month old son to SIDs. As a way to cope Jonathan began using his time to create toys for our daughter, Evie. Developing his skills over time he became extremely proficient and started to make gifts for family and friends. Fast forward several months of planning, researching, and minimal sleep, Reel Wood was born.

Reel Wood's name is a culmination of our children's initials Evie Rae, Ethan Lewis, and Eli Robert ensuring that they will always remain the catalyst that keeps us going and the heart of our business.

Reel Wood Family Photo

What We Do.

Lets take a look at who is behind the scenes here at Reel Wood Designs. From the left we have our daughter Evie, Jonathan, our son Eli and Kim. Each member of our own little family have a great deal of tasks that assist and grow our business.

Evie and Eli are both our greatest product testers, plus are also very demanding when it comes to research and development, requesting new products dependant on their interests.

Kim works primarily on the social media side of things, but also is the master of finishes. She is the one that ensures that every product created leaves the workshop with a super smooth finish. She achieves this by tirelessly sanding each piece and carefully applying our secret blend of waxes and oils.

Finally, Jonathan. It's his job to ensure the technical elements of the workshop are performing efficiently and safely. He also, works closely with Kim on all new product designs all the way from a single idea to the finished product. The main part of Jonathan's job is to carefully hand cut each item ready for handing over to Kim.

There are many aspects of the business which we haven't covered but, each and everyone one of us work together to ensure we complete every single product to the highest standards possible. This includes Evie and Eli assisting through the packing process before each item leaves us for the Journey on it's way to you.


Earth being held

Our Beliefs.

Shaping a better future for future generations is something that is at the forefront of our business. This is why we have gone to every effort to ensure we use sustainably sourced materials and minimise waste.

All of our waste materials are bagged and given to friends and family to help heat their homes and workshops.


Most importantly, our products are meticulously handmade and finished with love. We put our heart and soul into creating these products and we really hope you love them just as much as we do!


Supporting Reel Wood Designs really is supporting small. So a massive thank you to each and every one of you for that!