Polly's Breastfeeding Journey

When I was pregnant with my first child I was still undecided if I was going to breastfeed or not at 9 months and ready to pop. My husband and I had both been bottle fed and I was the first out of all my close friends to start a family so I had no one to give me their personal insights on the matter. I decided I would give it a go and see how I got on.
My first labour ended in a horrendous emergency c-section and my son and I needed to stay in hospital for a week after his birth.
While in hospital I received the most amazing support by ‘pink ladies’ who were on the wards as breastfeeding consultants. They were the most patient, knowledgeable and kind women who helped me through those engorged, sore and nipple cracked first few days. They knew all the tricks and tips to ease the initial niggles and reassured me that after the first month it would become second nature. 
I am positive it was my initial experience and support that gave me the confidence to continue breastfeeding. 
That was six and a half years ago and as I write this I am nursing my forth baby and looking back in gratitude to those ladies that helped me. They helped me not only with my first but with all 4 of my children as I continue to recall the knowledge and advice they imparted to me all those years ago.
The advice that helped me...
• get through the first 6 weeks (this was a goal for me and kept me going when it was really hard and painful. By 6 weeks there was no pain and feeding was becoming second nature). 
• warm flannels on engorged boobs help with let down and makes it easier for your newborn to latch on. 
• aim for the nose not the mouth for the best latch 
• drink lots of water as feeding can leave you dehydrated. 
• lanolin for cracked nipples is a miracle gel.
Author: Polly, check out her Instagram @4minis_and_mrs_b.

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