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Little Letters Phonics Phase 3

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Expand your collection at a pace that suits you child's development with our phonics packs created in line with the UK Government guidance. 

Learning phonetics helps children recognise both familiar and unfamiliar sounds, improves pronunciation skills and develops autonomy in words and sound recognition. 

The English language uses letters within the alphabet to create sounds. Phonics teaches this information to help children learn how to read. Children learn the sounds that each letter makes, and how a change in the order of letters changes a word's meaning. Incorporating our letters will give a physical and visual aspect to explore, creating a sensory experience that your child can enjoy and encourages learning through play. 

Packs available: 

Entire phase : j v w x y z z q u c h s h t n g a i e e o o r w (includes free bag)

Set 6: j v w x

Set 7: y z z q u c h

Set 8: s h t h n g

Set 9: a i e e g h o o

Set 10: a r o u w i

CE and UKCA Tested.
Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years old. 
Sustainability sourced Red Oak
Dimensions: approximately 65mm x 37mm x 18mm
These items are custom, made to order and subject to a 4-5 week turn around.
Please note these are individual packs and you do not receive all packs, just the one selected in the drop down menu. 

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